13 years

Hiya! My name is Phoebe, and I’m a beautiful black cat at the ripe age of 13! You don’t have to worry about me bringing you any bad luck because I’m one of the best cats out there. I’ve even been told that I’m as sweet as they come! I’m a super affectionate and personable feline, who would just adore having a family or person to call mine. Trust me, I’ve got so much love to go around you won’t want any animal but me. I am great with my litter box, and I love playing with my toys. I also LOVE drinking water straight from the source! I’ll usually jump on the sink and wait for someone to turn it on. I dream of a home where I can spend my days perched on my cat tree, watching the birds flutter around from the window, and then when I tire of that, I can find my person and cuddle to my heart’s content. I know I sound like the absolute purr-fect kitty, but I rather you fill out an application and come meet me so you can see for yourself!


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