9 years

Hi there! I'm Purdy, and I'm a very gentle 10 year old soul. I have a beautiful lioness-like face that you can’t say no to. I was rescued from an animal-hoarding situation along with five of my feline siblings. It was a very big change coming to Young at Heart, but with lots of time and love, I’ve made great strides! I do wonderfully with my litter box, and I love love love to eat! You’ll often find me tucked away somewhere warm and snuggly; I feel safest napping where I'm a little more hidden or curled up with one of my housemates. When I want love and affection, I will often seek you out, but I am an independent girl. I often seek your companionship from a few feet away, as just being near you makes me happy. Loud noises do scare me, so I will hide when the vacuum comes out or there's a storm. I will blossom in a quiet, calm home without dogs or young children. I don’t mind other cats as long as I have the space to decompress when I get overwhelmed. Us hoarding case kitties have been through a lot together, but now we are ready to find a family - one that understands that change is scary, and will give us the time and patience necessary for us to get comfy. Could that be your family?


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