Med hair
15 years

Hi! I am Rosie, a 15-year-old, three-legged kitty. My name is perfect for me because in the face of hardship & discomfort, my rosy and sweet personality never falters. I know you’re wondering, “Why does she have 3 legs?” Well, before I came to Young at Heart, one of my back legs had been badly injured and never fixed by a vet. So it healed incorrectly, and I had to drag it around to get where I wanted to go. I couldn't jump, couldn't roll, and couldn't run. The pain I must have endured must have been awful, and over time, it healed but then I had to adjust how I carried myself, causing arthritis in other areas. Experiencing all that could easily bring a cat down, but I purred away, demanded my meals, and proved I was ready to hobble my way into a comfy new life! So with the help of a great surgeon, my bad leg was removed and I healed beautifully! I’m living proof four legs are overrated. And now I can walk comfortably, jump up on short surfaces, roll around on my back, and do almost anything a four-legged cat can do! I’m also able to use my litter box without a problem. I value my beauty sleep and spend most of my days napping in a snuggly bed. I love to be petted and will purr away. And more often than not, I’ll politely paw at your hand to ask you to keep going. I do enjoy the company of fellow chill, nonchalant cats that are respectful of my space. A calm, quiet home with older children is preferable for a quiet, cute, old girl like me. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with a family of my own. Do you think you’re the one for me?

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