Brown Tabby
10 years

Hi there! I'm Salsa, and I am a staff favorite here at Young at Heart because no matter how happy I am, I always look grumpy! I always make them laugh, and that makes me happy! I am a very quiet girl who enjoys a very quiet lifestyle. Lots of people and noises worry me, so I would love a nice quiet home with one or two adult humans to dote on me. I am independent, and enjoy a good nook to nap in. I love to be petted and will climb into your lap if you sit on the floor with me and just purr my heart out. I'm quite the wallflower, so right now I am enjoying having a staff office all to myself. While I did come from a hoarding case with lots of other kitties, I seem most content and relaxed when I am by myself, so I would love to be your one and only. My life before coming to Young at Heart was not a great one, but with love and attention I am blossoming here. I may regress a bit in your home as you get to know me and I get to know you, but I promise that once I know that I am safe and that you love me, I will be such a wonderful addition to your life. I'd love to keep a retired person or someone who enjoys the quiet life company in my golden years. Are you my new person?


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