Sir Jonathon

Tabby & White
10 years
Sir Jonathon

Greetings, towns people! I am the noble Sir Jonathan, and at 10 years old, I’ve certainly earned my rank! I’m a quirky kitty, ready to be your knight in fluffy armor. When I came to Young at Heart, they were told I had a good history with children and dogs, and so far there’s been no reason not to believe it. When it’s your attention I desire, I can be found waiting by your feet. I purr loudly for back scratches, and often flop onto the ground to roll around or give quick love bites as a sign of my gratitude and joy. Sometimes you’ll even catch me rolling around in my own litter box when your hands are busy, so a litter mat under my box would help you contain my happy mess. I am in great health for a boy my age! I do well in my litter box, as long as it’s large enough for a big boy like me, and I LOVE to rub up on you for love. If that sounds great to you, don’t hesitate for a second - come meet me to see how awesome I am for yourself!

Sir Jon hugs

sir jon snoozes

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