Brown & White Tabby
11 years

Oh, hello! Nice to meet you! I'm Veronica, a beautiful and shy 11 year girl who is slowly adjusting to being at the adoption center. This is a big change from the quiet life I had prior to becoming homeless! I’m a sweet but timid cat, so it will take me a bit to warm up to you and acclimate to your home. Sometimes I put on a big show by hissing when I get spooked or annoyed, but I haven't ever tried scratch or bite. I need someone who understands I need my space to feel comfortable in my surroundings, so a home without young children is best for me. I do not mind sharing my space with other cats, as long as they know to mind their manners. At the adoption center, I like to find a perch up high to watch all the goings-on, whether it’s out on the catios or inside. I spend most of my days relaxing and napping, occasionally allowing volunteers to approach me slowly for pets. I have no issues using my litter box, and I’m in great health. If you and your family are patient, understanding, and searching for a beautiful, independent kitty to roam your halls, I may just be the girl for you!


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