Hound mix
9 years

What's a girl gotta do to go for a run around here? Hi! I'm Abigail, and if you're looking for a long-legged hound mix to love you like crazy and be your walking/running/hiking partner, I'm your girl! I'm a big ol' goofball that is part hound and part gazelle. I love to show off my hound voice when I'm excited, I love to play, and I love to snuggle. I'm no couch potato like some of the other seniors here. I love to go-go-go and am just curious about everything this world has to offer me! Now, you may have seen my sad story on social media. I was found all alone in an abandoned house after my "family" moved away and left me there. No one knows exactly how long I was in that house all by myself, but it was for quite some time. I came to Young at Heart 15 pounds underweight, and though I'm doing better, I do get worried about being alone. I don't destroy anything but tend to have accidents when I'm stressed out. I'm getting better, but being in a home where someone is around a lot and willing to help me understand that I'll never be abandoned again is just what I need! That's why the rescue is offering a foster-to-adopt arrangement for me and my potential family. So if you live somewhat near Woodstock IL and are interested in possibly fostering-to-adopt me, the rescue would love for us to meet! I do love being around other dogs that love to run and play like me, and might be annoying to one that doesn't like to run and play. I tend to be like a pesky younger sibling when I want another dog to play, so I'm too much for some dogs. And cats? Well, don't take this the wrong way, but I think there is a good chance that they may taste like chicken. So the rescue says no kitties for me. Older kids would be just fine, especially if they play with me. Younger kids? Well, I'm gonna bowl them over. Can't help it. I'm an oversized sweetheart with an enthusiasm for life! Now I just need the perfect hound lover who appreciates a dog with a sense of humor and also appreciates my past so they have patience with me. If you're interested, you should come to meet me. We can get to know each other and see if my goofy loveable self is the right match for you. What do you say? Come meet me?


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