Honey Bear

Collie Mix
14 years
Honey Bear

Hi there! I'm Honey Bear, and my name describes me perfectly because I am as sweet as honey and as cuddly as a bear! I'm a 14 year old collie mix, and I'm the very best girl. Not only am I a beautiful girl, but I also love to snuggle bascially anywhere you'll lie next to me - on the floor, grass, anywhere I can be next to my person! My favoritre thing in the world is when you get down on the floor with me to snuggle me and rub my tummy! I get so excited to go for a walk, but not for long distances anymore. I'm more a stop and smell the roses kind of gal. This world moves so fast, you can just relax and enjoy the nature along the way with me. I am a very good girl, perfectly housetrained and mild mannered. I love to lounge in the yard, but am hard of hearing so definitely need a fenced in yard to lounge in. I am a friend to everyone including dogs, cats, and gentle kids. I take a daily supplement called Denamarin for my liver that costs about $60 per month, but keeps me healthy and feeling good. My ideal home is one with another gentle dog or cat, someone who loves to get down on the floor with me to snuggle, and has minimal stairs. I'm such a fabulous, gentle soul and I cannot wait to meet the loving family that I will get to spend my golden years with.

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