Wire Fox Terrier
10 years

Hi friends! I'm Lady, a sweet and bouncy 10 year old wire Fox Terrier. Like many of my terrier ancestors, I have loads of energy and love to be busy. I enjoy good, long walks where I can explore every scent, and I LOVE to play, especially if the toys squeak. Tug-o-war with you is my favorite game. Like a lot of fox terriers, I can get a little too competitive, and I easily lose sight of my manners, so a family without any children or other pets is a must. Bonus points if my new family has terrier experience. I love to learn new things, and I am SO so smart! I am learning agility here at Young at Heart, and love every minute of it. Despite my bounciness, once I know it’s "quiet time", I am perfectly content curling up on the couch with you to watch TV or read a good book. A big, fluffy bed in the living area would be perfect, too! Normally, I am very good about going potty outside, but if I am left unattended with free roam of the house for too long, I will occasionally have an accident. With a schedule and someone who is home more than not, I will do just fine. I am a smart girl that is eager to please! I love treat games, playing with the hose in the dog pool, and am getting good at clicker training. I am wiling to learn new things, and we can do it together! I am a very loyal girl. What do you say? Am I the new addition you have been looking for?

Oh! Just a quick note from me: If you follow Young at Heart on social media, you may have noticed that I came in with Sam. But just because we were rescued together doesn't mean we should live together. Now, normally the rescue keeps "pairs" together, but Sam and I did not get along for very long - mere minutes some days. After many tests of being together and then many tests being separated at the adoption center, we are both 1000 times happier being the "only" dog. We really just don't like each other, and are not nice to each other (or other dogs). So finding our own family to love each of us separately is what is best and is safest for us both. I know that I can't wait to have a person that loves me all to myself! 

lady hose

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