7 years old

Hi there! I'm Princess, a wonderful 7 year old boxer. I am a sweet, sweet, sweet dog who is great with other dogs. I absolutely adore people, and will wag my little stubby tail a million miles a minute with happiness. I bring joy to any room I'm in, and there is no way you can't smile when you're with me! I do have boxer energy, and can bounce and paw a bit when I'm excited, so a home with adults or much older kids would be best for me. I am house trained, and do best with a strict potty schedule and being contained to a smaller area when you're not home. I do take a very inexpensive daily medication called Proin that the rescue would be happy to discuss with you. I love to play with toys, especially balls and soft squeaky toys. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE water! I love playing in the dog pool, catching water from the hose, and anything water related. I haven't had a chance to swim here at Young at Heart, but the rescue is guessing I'd like that, too! I am so happy to snuggle up on the couch with you while you watch a movie or I love a good long walk around the neighborhood, too. I lived with a kitty in my previous life, and I do well with dogs of all sizes. I'd really love a home with a fenced in back yard and another dog to play with. I'm such a good girl! I hope to see you soon!



princess pool


princess agility

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