Bernese Mt. Dog Mix
10 years

Howdy y’all, my name is Rusty, but my friends here at the rescue sometimes call me Grandpaw GrumpyPants. I’m a 10 year old Burnese Mountain dog mix, and I’m pretty set in my ways. I like my meals, my naps, my wanders in the yard, and I like my “me time” in spades. But I also like getting scritched behind the ears and love leaning up against my favorite people to show them how much I love them. I'm a Good Boy. I’m a bit of an introvert, too, so I don’t make the best impression when I first meet new people. Why do people want me to go romping up to them like I’ve been loved by them my whole life? I don’t get it. You gotta earn my love a bit. I lived with one human my whole life, and I loved them with my whole heart, and one day they died and we were alone for days before someone figured it out. So yeah, I’m a bit heartbroken, too. And I love my friends here at the rescue, because they have earned my love and affection, and they know not to push me to be a dog that I’m not. They promise me that there are some other really great humans out there that will understand that about me, too. After all, I’m an absolutely beautiful big boy with an even bigger heart when you get to know me.

Given my age and my size, it’s no surprise that I have some arthritis I take some medicine for, but I don’t let that stop me from enjoying my day! It does, however, stop me from being able to do a bunch of stairs. If you have a ranch house, now we’re talking! I love to go on shorter walks to amble around the neighborhood and get some fresh air. I really don’t like being alone too long, so an family with an animal or human companion to keep me company most of the day would be my ideal home! I’m looking for an adult-only home, because, well.... kids are kids, and I’m not that crazy about loud, jumping, startling small humans. I’m like that neighbor that yells at the kids to get off the lawn, only for me, I yell if you try to pull me by the collar or surprise me. There are some signs that maybe my old life wasn’t all it should’ve been, but then again, maybe it’s just my GrumpyPants side. I am house-trained, but like any dog, when transitioning to a new home, I may have some accidents. Please forgive me until I’ve learned your routine. I don’t need a bunch of toys; I don’t show a lot of interest in them, but I love to trot around the yard with my friends outside and napping in soft grass in the shade is always a favorite past time. When I get excited and playful, I’ll make it known with a couple of my deep, loud barks! Otherwise, I am a quiet, gentle giant who finds joy in the little things, like lying at the feet of my people, getting scratches, and you can’t forget a nice, soothing brushing. Ahhh, that is the life. I hope that someone will fall in love with me, GrumpyPants side and all, and will win my heart over so I can show you just how loving I can be. Are you that special person?



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