Bully Mix
8 years

Hi there! I'm Shirley, the bestest, most adorablest, sweetest little bully girl on the planet! I do everything with enthusiasm and pure joy, and the happiness just radiates from me. There is NO WAY you can't meet me and just smile at my exuberance and plain ol' love of life. I am a stout girl, and I'm very strong, and though I may be a "senior" in the age category, I don't act like one at all. I love love love to go for walks, and I love to play ball. My kong ball is my most prized possession and I carry it everywhere with me every chance I get, and tuck it into bed with me, too. I'm probably too rambunctious for kitties, and now that I'm off of medical hold, I'm just starting to meet other dogs. So far, so good, but we'll see how things go the more freedom I get! I've had several surgeries since coming to Young at Heart, including two separate surgeries to fix both of my torn ACLs and bad knees. I am a very special girl who has been at Young at Heart for a year while they got me back into tip top shape, and now I no longer live in pain 24/7. I'm so so happy, and love life so much! The ideal home for me has some big dog experience, a fenced in back yard, mimimal stairs, has some muscles for when we're on walks! And one that will spoil me rotten for the rest of my days. I have a LOT of fans here at Young at Heart, so my perfect home will also keep us all posted on how I'm doing in my new home! Maybe that's you?

shirley jammies

shirley snow

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