15 years

Hi there! My name is Taffy, and much like my candy namesake, I am a sugary sweet 15-year-old Dachshund! Although I do have a salty, grumpy side. I am an old man after all! I arrived at Young at Heart with the typical old man issues, as well as ear infections and hair loss from my persistent itching. After a couple weeks of antibiotics and medicated baths, I am as good as new! Occasionally, my itchies act up. I would enjoy getting a moisturizing bath regularly, especially during the dry winter season. Like many dogs, I greatly value my food and toys as my own, so I require a space to myself for meals and toy-time. Otherwise, I get along with other dogs with no issue after a proper introduction! I get anxious when I am confined (such as a crate or gated area), and prefer to be an "out and about" dog. I am very good at going potty outside, but I may need the help of belly bands in my first few weeks in a new home. Only because I can resist my urge to mark! It’s in my DNA. I love to go on walks, chase around plush squeaky toys, and curl up in a pile of blankets and nap the afternoon away. I wag my tail excitedly as each person comes in the room, and I am one of the first to snuggle up for pets. I'm a great little guy that would do best in an adult home where my family understands that sometimes you just need a bit of your own space to get to your happy place. I just know I can bring the perfect mix of sweet & salty to your home. Better snatch me up quick!

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