Winnie & Bleeker

Lab mixes
7 & 9 years
Winnie & Bleeker


BREED: Lab/Chow mixes
GENDER: Female (spayed) & Male (neutered)
AGE: 9 & 7
WEIGHT: 45-60 lbs.
ANIMAL COMPATIBILITY: Big dogs OK / Small dogs and cats UNSURE
KID COMPATIBILITY: Older kids 12+, they are known to jump and can get mouthy when extra happy.
ENERGY LEVEL: Active - they are youthful dogs who love to play wrestle and run around the yard. Bleeker is a runner/flight risk. They are calm and quiet in the house.

Say hello to the incomparable Winnie and Bleeker! We are just the cutest senior dogs ever, and at the younger ages of 9 (W) and 7 (B), we have lots of loving left to give. Not only are we beautiful, but we are playful, too! When we’re out in the backyard, we like to “wrestle” with each other. Being the younger of the two, Bleeker can get a little riled up, but if Winnie has had enough she has no problem putting him in his place.  We can make all sorts of funny noises while playing and wrestling, but when we are inside, we are quiet dogs who find our comfy spot and stick to it. Bleeker likes to stand guard and watch out the windows. Winnie wags her tail happily. We could use a little bit of manners in the greeting new people department, but only because we are soooooo happy to make new friends! We get along with other dogs, especially ones our size that can romp and play with us. Unlike a lot of other big dogs, we love to graze with our meals versus snarf it all up. We love love love to spend time outside. A secure, fenced-in backyard is a must, as Bleeker likes to run like the wind. Winnie, on the other hand, has a good recall and listens a lot better than her younger brother. We would love a family that can give us the best of both worlds - a family who will take us on daily walks or let us run around in a bigger backyard, but will also wind down at the end of the day for snuggles. We truly are the sweetest pair, and we would be a wonderful addition to your family.

Winnie and bleaker

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