13 years

Hi there! I'm Zoey, a very cute and pudgy 13+ year old pug. My mama passed away and I was left homeless. A friend of my mama's brought me to Young at Heart, where I am thriving! I am as sweet as can be, and am good with both dogs and cats. I absolutely adore being loved on, and will become your BFF with a good neck scratch. My favorite things in the whole wide world are love from you, a nap in a heated bed, and to wander around the yard a bit on a nice day. I'm an elderly girl, so I would do best in a home with another gentle dog or cat, and someone who understands that I try, but my housetraining skills aren't what they used to be. I try to hit the piddle pad - but don't always. Please forgive me! I don't really play with toys, but I do love a good game of "chewy hand" where I pretend to get your hands. It makes my friends laugh. The only medication I take is a daily eye ointment for dry eye, a very typical ailment for pugs. I'm very good about getting my eye meds, and they are something I will have to take for life. Otherwise, I am a sweet old girl who is just looking for someone to adore me for the rest of my life. Is that you? 

Zoey outside


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