Young at Heart Responsibilities

  • Paying for medical care. All medical care will be covered by Young at Heart if provided by an approved Young at Heart hospital or clinic.
  • Basic necessities, if needed. Young at Heart can provide food, bed, collars, leashes, belly bands, diapers. (Prior approval of any purchases made for your Young at Heart foster will be needed in order for reimbursement. Please contact your Young at Heart mentor.)

Foster Responsibilities

  • Providing daily mental and physical exercise suitable to the needs of your foster dog or cat.
  • Providing a safe, quiet environment free of stress.
  • Administering any medications prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • Transporting your dog or cat to a veterinarian in Young at Heart's network if necessary.
  • Transporting your dog to at least two Young at Heart Outreach events each month.
  • Meeting with potential adopters and providing them with information about your current foster dog or cat via phone and email.
  • Completing a 48-hour post-adoption follow-up with new adopters.
  • Weekly check-in with Young at Heart regarding the status of your current foster dog or cat.
  • Promoting your Young at Heart pet in a positive manner to the public and providing honest information to those who inquire about your Young at Heart pet.
  • If medical treatment is needed, going to one of Young at Heart’s approved veterinarian clinics and hospitals.
  • Communicating any behavior or medical problems to your Young at Heart mentor immediately and providing weekly status updates.
  • If, at any time, you feel that you cannot properly care for your Young at Heart pet, you must give Young at Heart at least 5 days notice to make other arrangements before returning the pet.
  • The foster agrees that the pet remains under the jurisdiction of Young at Heart and can not be abandoned, sold or given to a shelter, retail establishment or research institution.
  • The foster understands that Young at Heart has the right to remove the foster pet from the foster home at any time.

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