Currently Restructuring this program to better serve our community in the coming weeks....

Young at Heart's pet food pantry program, originally called "Nina's Pet Food Pantry", began in 2008 during the last recession. The program started with a gift in memory of Nina Weiner, and over the years Young at Heart provided tens of thousands of pounds of dog and cat food to struggling families around the Palatine IL area. We did this by working directly with local food banks to provide pet food directly to their clients on a weekly basis, as we do not have a pet food pantry location. In 2019, Young at Heart moved to Woodstock IL and paused the pet food pantry program.

With COVID-19 making a dramatic impact on communities everywhere, we are now restructuring this program to find how we can best serve the Woodstock IL community in the trying times ahead.

Please stay tuned for more information on the changed to this program. Thank you.

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