Blanca's Happily Ever After


Adopted and Loved!! Drumroll, please! Our longest canine resident has finally found her family! Blanca is a wonderful girl who just needed a home without any other pets. While she easily stole the heart of everyone who met her and was a volunteer favorite, she waited and waited for a home of her own because she didn't want to share her space with other dogs. And for a senior dog, that makes finding a forever home really tough. But Blanca's new mom, Carol, only wanted one dog, and she and Blanca hit it off beautifully!

Blanca is so happy in her new home and loves her new big backyard where she can sit and watch all the critters for hours on the big deck. And she loves having her new mom all to herself. And Carol absolutely loves her! Blanca is the perfect example of a senior dog that just needs the time to find the right person. Thank you, Carol, for giving a loving home to a very sweet but "harder to adopt" senior dog in her golden years! Congrats Blanca and Carol!

Blanca Adopted

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