Danny Boy Adopted!


Who needs a little pick-me-up? Who could benefit from something all warm and fuzzy? Well here’s something that will be good for your soul and is a little reminder of truly how much good there is in the world…..

Danny Boy, age 10, who most of you know and love as much as we do, joined Young at Heart back in March. He came from animal control after being confiscated as part of a cruelty case. His body was emaciated, his joints were so painful and his beautiful coat was stained from having to live in his own excrement. Despite all of these awful things, his beyond sweet and gentle soul is what shone through. He was full of so much love, and oh that smile!

It didn’t take him long to figure out our only goal was to show him the good life, and within a few weeks, with the help of one our wonderful vets and a loving foster home, he was romping around and playing in comfort, and was putting on some much-needed weight. He was a happy, happy boy and was just about ready to find his forever family. But then, as is par for the course in this crazy year, 2020 threw us a curveball and Danny was admitted to the ICU with suspected vestibular syndrome, a condition that made him dizzy, nauseated, and unstable when walking.

We had hoped, as dogs typically do with this condition, he would gradually improve, but he just didn’t quite get there. A trip to the neurologist and an MRI revealed Danny had suffered a stroke deep in his brain. The lingering effects made him wobbly when he walked, and he was so sensitive to loud sounds. And, while we were reassured Danny Boy was not suffering, and that he could adapt and recover with time, we weren’t sure how it would impact his adoption prospects.

Well, here comes the reminder of all the good in the world. We could not have been more wrong about his adoption prospects. Enter Rachael and her family. They applied to adopt him and stuck with him during the long medical hold; keeping in touch for updates, and all the time telling us they could handle his medical needs whatever they may be. They loved him before ever meeting him.

It is with very full hearts that we announce Danny Boy is adopted and loved beyond words. He has two boys to call his own, and he watches over the baby, sleeping under his crib most nights. He has a new BFF is his canine brother Memphis, and he has a life full of love, comfy dog beds, and ice cream treats. He now has the life he has always deserved. He is a wonderful reminder of the resilience of animals and the huge hearts of our adopters. Congratulations to Danny Boy, Rachael, and the rest of this amazing family! We cannot imagine a better life for him. ❤️ 

Danny Boy Adopted

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