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Friends, our sweet Shirley needs your help. For those who have been following her story, you know just how much this girl has overcome since we rescued her last year. She's sailed through five surgeries that were necessary for her to have the best quality of life, including having both of her horribly painful ACLs and knees repaired. She only became adoptable just before Christmas, and we have been searching for the perfect home for our favorite little hippo.

Over the weekend, our girl quickly went from her happy-go-lucky bubbly self to a lethargic, sad pup. She was running a fever and her belly was painful. She didn't look good. We rushed her to the emergency vet, where she was hospitalized. Diagnostics revealed she has a giant mass on her liver. � Her bloodwork is stable and her chest Xrays are clean, so Shirley will be undergoing surgery on Wednesday to remove the mass and the left side of her liver. If the mass proves to be cancerous, our hope is surgery will be curative, but one thing is for certain - this surgery is necessary to save Shirley’s life.

After making sure she was stable, Shirley was released from the hospital and is home with us for now so we can spoil her a bit more before surgery. She is being monitored very closely and will return tomorrow to be hospitalized before surgery on Wednesday. This veterinary bill will be a very tough pill to swallow for us, as we are only still in February and our emergency and specialty cases this year have been through the roof. We are going to need your help to save Shirley's life. The surgical and hospitalization estimate is $5000-$7000 after our discount is applied. If you are in a position to help Shirley, any size donation will make a difference, and we are so grateful for your help. Especially Shirley.

Please keep Shirley in your thoughts and send her all the love you can. She knows what a loved girl she is, and we cannot wait until she is feeling better and bouncing with happiness once more. Thank you ❤

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