For the Love of Senior Pets


February is for the love of senior pets, and we're busy making sure the senior pets at Young at Heart are loved and cared for until they find their forever families. One of the easiest ways you can do that is by becoming a Constant Companion monthly donor! You help senior pets year round AND you get cool exclusive swag like this fetching YAH scarf!

Our Constant Companion members allow Young at Heart to help senior pets to get all of the medical care they need and be able to focus on their daily needs, not daily fundraising. You can make a difference for senior pets in need by becoming a member for as little as $10 a month.

Constant Companions are the heroes who become monthly sustaining donors, contributing money all year round to help save the lives of senior pets. Your monthly commitment reduces the time we spend fundraising, helps us plan our operations, and – most importantly – allows us to rescue senior pets we would otherwise be unable to help. Knowing that we have your ongoing support means that we can confidently say yes to many more loving, amazing souls - and it costs as little as two cups of fancy coffee each month!

February is our For the Love of Senior Pets membership drive, and all of the senior pets at Young at Heart would love for you to become a Constant Companion to help them! Help us reach our goal of 100 new members helping to save senior pets!

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