Get Your Walkies with Shirley Shirt!


Shirley was so excited when all the staff today wore their new Walkies with Shirley shirts when she came to visit! She couldn't believe everyone had a shirt with her AND her favorite ball on it!

We have some walkies videos to share with you (we're a bit behind posting them!), but she continues to do great! She's at Young at Heart 2-3 times a week with her Sanctuary Mom, where she gets the whole family room full of toys to herself - today she's watching her favorite wolf movie! She gets to "work from home" with her Sanctuary Dad the rest of the days, which she absolutely loves! And everywhere she goes, she brings her toys. (Our photographer actually got her to ignore her toy of the day for this pic by offering Shirley her favorite treats! LOL!) This girl truly lives by her motto - Make Every Day Your Best Day!

We've received tons of "how do I get that shirt?!" questions just today, so we're going to open up the sale of Shirley's limited edition shirts ONE last time. We'll take orders only through October 15th. Shirts will ship directly from the printer approximately 2 weeks after the orders close. Did we mention these make GREAT holiday gifts? The sweatshirts are sooooo soft and comfy!

Last chance to get your Walkies With Shirley shirt here! DON'T WAIT!

Order Your Shirt Here!

Walkies with Shirley Shirt

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