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Ziggy called a meeting of the big dogs on the back dog porch. �

Pictured from front to back: Ziggy (a permanent sanctuary resident), Bowie (a permanent sanctuary resident), Shelby (will be adoptable with Macy), and Macy (will be adoptable with Shelby after Macy has surgery to address a painful hip).

Yes, we have a mix of both adoptable and permanent sanctuary residents here at Young at Heart. What is a sanctuary resident? Well, Young at Heart believes that Love Has No Age Limit™, and just because a dog or cat has some more complex medical issues, doesn't mean that they can't enjoy the twilight of their lives. Young at Heart's Sanctuary Program allows senior pets with complex and end-of-life medical issues to enjoy the love of a family at the end of their life, while Young at Heart pays for all the medical expenses for the Sanctuary Pet. These dogs and cats receive all the medical support, love, and attention they need to enjoy the rest of their lives, cared for by their Sanctuary Homes, and financially supported by Young At Heart. Most of our permanent residents are placed with sanctuary families, but some like Ziggy and Bowie will never do well in a typical home setting for one reason or another, so they stay here with us and enjoy life to the fullest with a bigger than normal family!

We also have many senior pets right now that are in various stages of vetting before they are available for adoption, as we do whatever is needed for the seniors we rescue so that they can enjoy their golden years in comfort. Some seniors that we rescue just need a good dental cleaning or an ear infection treated. Other seniors who need more advanced surgery, like Morty and his double FHO surgery to relieve the pain caused by his terrible hips, are with us for quite some time before they become adoptable. There is no time limit for the animals here. Everyone gets all the time they need to find that special someone to share their golden years with. Every senior pet is important and special to us, and they deserve the very best life.

We are able to provide the homeless senior pets that walk through our doors with whatever they may need because of pet lovers like YOU that believe that senior pets deserve to live with comfort, compassion, and companionship in their golden years. You are our partners in this mission, and we simply cannot do this rescue work without you. So how can you help?

1. Become a Constant Companion, our monthly sustaining donors that help make our work possible. Visit this link to learn more.

2. Join us this summer for a Mutt Mosey Fundraiser Walk Experience! Our annual fundraising walk is an exclusive experience for you and three friends on-site at Young at Heart when you raise $500 or more! 

3. Donate an auction item or become a Sponsor of our 2021 Silver Paws Gala!

4. Spread the word and share! The more pet lovers that support our mission, the more senior pets we can help each year!

THANK YOU for making a difference for senior pets in need!
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