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It's me, Honey Bear, the world's hippest 14-year-old dog in town! And I'm not here to beg for treats today. Nope, I'm saving that for later! Right now I'm begging for something else with these big brown eyes... they look pretty cute in these 50's glasses, don't they? Where was I? Oh yes, begging! 

We all know this year has been unlike any other year. When my friends at Young at Heart declared that 2020 was the "Year of the Senior Pet", they didn't know what else they'd be competing against in 2020! Whoa! What a year! I hear my friends talking about some of the stuff that's going on "out there" and I think to myself how nice it is to be in here instead! 

See, at Young at Heart, us senior pets have no idea that the world is a bit worrisome out there because Young at Heart keeps us all cozy and safe in here. We get love, veterinary care, lots of fun activities like walkies and movie time, and lots of comfort and snuggles. The volunteers like to tell us that Young at Heart is where to come spend time with us and "escape reality". I guess that's a good thing, because they're always so happy to be with us senior dogs and cats! And we're happy to be with them! 

But I guess all the fun stuff we were supposed to do out in the world this year was canceled, and that's the stuff that brings in the funding to take care of us seniors. I've heard the staff say a few times that this is a "tough year". So, that's why I'm here, writing you this note. 

I'd sit up and beg if these old bones would let me, but I'll just do the "puppy dog eyes" sort of begging instead! So please help us senior pets out and join us at what the humans say is "the most important event of the year"! I even happily wagged my tail when they put this outfit on me because I know how much this event means to my well-being and all my friends' well-being. 

So, pretty please.... join us for our virtual Silver Paws Gala on October 24th from 6pm - 7:30pm. You can see us cute senior pets, learn more about Young at Heart, bid on the online auction (there's a virtual wine pull and gift card grab, too! Buy it here instead of there, and us senior pets benefit!), and listen to the music of The Acoustic Generation. You can preview auction items (bidding starts Thursday!) and donate starting now! 

Sending woofs of love and gratitude! 


Honey Bear

PS- Yes, I am adorable AND adoptable!

Honey Bear in Costume

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