Medical Fund for Danny Boy


Friends, sweet Danny Boy needs your help! Danny Boy has been on medical hold for a while now after we helped him through some medical episodes that made him dizzy, unsure on his feet, and nauseous. After examination, X-rays, and blood work, he was treated for Vestibular Syndrome, often called Old Dog Vestibular Disease. But medications only helped temporarily. Danny Boy should have made some improvement by now, so this morning we took him to a specialist. The specialist is very concerned that there are neurological issues going on, and so Danny Boy needs an MRI and possibly some additional diagnostics. In order to ensure we can do everything possible for Danny’s comfort in his golden years, we agreed to move forward with whatever he needs. The estimate, however, is $4200-4900. If you are able to donate to help the sweetest boy in the world today, we would really appreciate it, and so would he! Please keep Danny Boy in your thoughts. We’ll update as soon as we have results. Thank you! ❤️

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Danny Boy Border Collie

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