Meet New Arrival, Rosie


15-year-old Rosie is one of our new arrivals and is so incredibly sweet. We knew when we rescued Rosie that she had an issue with a hind leg, but wanted to give her every chance to get the care she deserved, so we welcomed her to Young at Heart. She was surrendered to the shelter we rescued her from with what was described as a "dislocated hock" (like the ankle in people). Her shelter notes say that her previous family said she had been like this for "a long time". Basically, Rosie's foot is detached from the long bones in her leg. ☹️

A thorough exam by Young at Heart's vet confirmed there is a severe luxation or dislocation of the bones in her “ankle”. We don’t know the cause or how long her leg has been like this, but there is some chronic swelling and she is unable to use the leg properly. Rosie is stoic like so many kitties are, but we have to assume there is some level of discomfort, so we are making sure she is comfortable. Despite her discomfort, Rosie will seek out attention, sliding her back leg along when she walks to get where she needs to go. She gently paws at your hand to get you to pet her more.

We don’t yet know the best course of treatment but want to be sure she has every option possible to enjoy her golden years in comfort. So, next Rosie will see an orthopedic specialist to discuss treatment options so we can give her continued comfort and the best life possible.

Right now, your donations are being MATCHED dollar for dollar until the end of the year. If you are able to make a donation to help with the care of Rosie, it will now go twice as far! And if you are unable to donate, please share. Rosie says thank you!


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Every donation, no matter what the size, makes a difference for Young at Heart. And now through the end of the year, it will be MATCHED, making it go twice as far! Thank you!Rosie Cat for Adoption

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