Meet Our Newest Rescue, Abigail!


NEWBIE ALERT! This sweet pumpkin face is Abigail, an 8+-year-old lab mix. Abigail’s family moved out of their house and left her behind. Just…left her. Luckily, she was discovered when somebody saw her peeking out of her vacant home's second-story window. She's at least 15 pounds underweight, and no one knows exactly how long she fended for herself, but she seems to hold no grudges as she is happy and loves meeting new people. She's brand new to us, so we're not accepting applications or inquiries just yet as we'll need to spend some time getting to know her. We'll fatten this sweet girl up, spoil her silly while she's with us and, when she's ready, we'll find her a loving family that will never let her down again. Welcome to Young at Heart, Abigail! ❤ 

Abigail Dog for Adoption

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