Meet Our Newest Rescue, Noel!


Imagine being covered in matted fur, soaked to the bone, freezing cold, and wandering to the point of exhaustion when you are in pain from such advanced arthritis that every joint your body is painful. That's how Noel was found when animal control picked her up off the streets. This old girl is probably about 12 years old, and despite her discomfort, she is sweet and happy. Sadly, no one came looking for her at the shelter, and her stray hold was up. She's an elderly girl who is going to need a lot of vet care, so the shelter reached out to Young at Heart to help her. And because of your generous support, we could happily say yes! 

Thanks to our wonderful friend Rachel at the charitable rescue transport organization, Rescueber, Noel made the 3.5 hour trip to the safety of Young at Heart today. Noel has quickly won over everyone here with her big grin and joyful attitude and is settling in. Noel will see our vet to address her arthritis, get her bloodwork run, and will get a comprehensive geriatric exam to see what other vet care she will need. We know for sure she'll need a dental! She's currently ignoring her choice of orthopedic heated bed or plush bed right now, choosing to lay on the floor instead. But she's cheerfully eaten some treats and had a good drink of water, and went potty outside like a good girl. She's even found her stash of toys but isn't ready to play yet.

We are not currently accepting applications on Noel. She needs to get healthy and comfortable first. In the meantime, she is resting after her long ride, and we look forward to getting to know her better as she settles in. Noel is very grateful for the second chance to enjoy her golden years, and we're so happy she's here!

If you'd like to donate towards Noel's care, don't forget that all donations are being MATCHED right now, so your donation will go twice as far! 





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