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Thank you for your support at the Silver Paws gala! Your donations help us keep our doors open and help us save more senior pets like these 8 seniors just rescued!

Meet Sir Jonathon (age 10), Percy (age 10), Lillie (age 15), Angel (age 10) on the top row and Sweetie (age 8), Veronica (age 11), Payton (age 10), and Cashmere (age 11) on the bottom row. These 8 senior dogs and cats are getting settled into isolation while we get to know them and while we make sure they are healthy. Then they'll join the rest of the seniors in the main part of the building. They all have full veterinary workups ahead of them - vaccines, dentals, any lumps and bumps biopsied, bloodwork, and whatever else they need. Your support makes giving senior pets like these sweeties possible!

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Thank you so much for giving homeless senior pets the chance to enjoy their golden years!

New Adoptable Dogs and cats

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