Meet the Newbies!


NEWBIE ALERT! These three new senior sweeties won’t have to spend the holidays at animal control, as they got their Rescue Ride to Young at Heart today! Meet Mistletoe & Holly, a pair of senior chihuahua mixes, and Taffy, a 15-year-old doxie! They just arrived, and we’re getting them settled into their rooms in our isolation area. Mistletoe has pretty severe hair loss, and Taffy has some as well. All have pretty gnarly looking teeth. They’ll need quite a bit of medical care before they’re ready for adoption. They’ll soon get full workups at our vet, but for tonight they’re going to decompress with a good meal, warm beds, and lots of reassurance that they are okay. Welcome to Young at Heart, little ones! It’s a good life from here on out! ❤️


If you’d like to donate to help with their care, all donations are being matched dollar for dollar right now!

Thanks to Rescueber and volunteers Ron and Geri for transporting these old pups to us today!Mistletoe Chihuahua for Rescue Holly Chihuahua for Adoption

 Taffy Doxie for Adoption

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