NEWBIE ALERT! Welcome, Henrietta!


This sweet old girl is the last of the group of nine senior dogs that were left behind when their elderly guardian passed away. Tommy and Gordon made their way to us from Florida a few weekends ago, but Henrietta was not well enough to travel at that time. Henrietta has finally arrived at Young at Heart, and had quite the adventure getting here!

Because it was just her traveling this time, Henrietta had several wonderful shelter staff and volunteer transporters tag team to get her up to us (thanks for coordinating, Maureen!), and even got to take a little plane ride into Midway Int'l Airport thanks to pilot David Tan! We heard she had a LOT to say about the view from the plane!

Henrietta is a very sweet, super senior gal. She is mostly blind, and hard of hearing. What few teeth she has left are so rotten, they'll need to come out. She has a HUGE fistula (hole in her upper gum/jaw that channels into her nose) in her mouth which will need extensive surgery to repair, and she has some concerning muscle wasting in her head. She'll see the vet asap, and we suspect she'll need a LOT of vet care, which you know she'll get here. But it's also obvious that she was very loved by her former mom. She's such a love bug and loves to be held, and just as sweet as pie.

All the dogs from this situation look like they are related, and our best guess about these nine dogs is that Henrietta might be "mom" to the other 8 dogs. Tommy and Gordon were happy to see her, and she seemed to know them, too. Tommy is still recovering from surgery, so the conehead may have thrown her off a bit! We're happy these three are all safe and sound with Young at Heart now!

Welcome, sweet Henrietta!

Henriette Senior Begal

Henriette, Gordon and Tommy

Henriette on her filght

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