Our Latest Adoptions!


Adopted and Loved! CHEDDA IS ADOPTED! Our sweet and funny 20-year-old Chedda is now being spoiled silly in her new home. Paulette and Bill met her and fell in love, and Chedda felt the same way. Chedda is now queen of her castle, exploring every nook and cranny, helping herself to snacks, being her dad's little shadow, and being loved on demand. Chedda is so happy to be home, and we're so grateful to Paulette and Bill for believing that age is just a number! Congrats to Chedda and her new family!

Chedda Cheese Adopted

Adopted and Loved! 15-year-old Rosie is actually quite happy in this pic, as she has been adopted after being with Young at Heart for quite some time! Some of you may remember Rosie, our sweet little kitty who came to us with a back leg so damaged that it needed to be amputated for her comfort. Rosie moved to a foster home after surgery, gaining new strength and comfort on three legs. Her new dad, Richard, was looking for a senior kitty to love, and he and Rosie were a perfect match! Rosie is so happy to be the center of attention, being doted on and snuggled as much as she wants in her golden years. Congrats to Rosie and her new family!

Rosie Adopted

Adopted and Loved! 10-year-old Eleana has the nice quiet home she was pining for, and she really hit the jackpot with her new home! Her new mom, Joyce, truly walks the walk when it comes to believing in giving senior pets the chance to enjoy their golden years the way they deserve - Joyce is not only Eleana's new mom, she's also a Young at Heart Foster Mom, Sanctuary Mom, Adopter, and Board member! Eleana is being spoiled silly in her new home, and enjoying her new mom and dad and canine siblings. Congrats to Eleana and her new family!

Elena Adopted

Adopted and Loved! 10-year-old Uno has already made himself the king of the castle in his new home, and his mom loves him to pieces! After being rescued from a hoarding case and being with us for many months, it became more and more apparent that Uno was an independent kitty who would most likely enjoy having a place to himself. And so when his new mom, Annika, met Uno, he climbed into her lap and nuzzled her face, and instantly won her over. Uno is Annika's third kitty from Young at Heart over the years, and it warms our hearts to know that Uno will be so very loved. Congrats to Uno and Annika!

Uno Adopted

Adopted and Loved! 10-year-old Mister is now enjoying his days being snuggled and loved by his new mom and dad. This funny little dude won his mom over while she was volunteering with us, and the rest is history! Mister is loving getting lots of lap time and attention in his new home and is enjoying his golden years the way every senior dog deserves. Congrats to Mister and his new family!

Mister Adopted

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