Our New Catio Cafe!


WELCOME TO YOUNG AT HEART'S CATIO CAFE! Get ready to enjoy Young at Heart's pop-up cat cafe, right on Young at Heart's beautiful outdoor catios in Woodstock, IL!

Now, this isn't a big city cat cafe. This is a chance to spend a quiet hour on the open-air catios with the senior cats of Young at Heart. There's nothing like it around here, and there are some serious perks!

Spend an hour with friendly adoptable senior kitties ready to play, snuggle, and make you smile! Your Catio Concierge will be ready to serve you a variety of bottled teas, coffees, sodas, and more to sip on while you work on your laptop, read a book, or, best of all - spend all your time loving on the senior cats!

Reservations are required and are available for a $25 donation. (Walk-ins are not accepted). What is included with your Catio Cafe reservation?

Each reservation slot includes:

* 60 minutes of exclusive Catio Cafe time with our senior cats

* Up to three people allowed per reservation

* Access to the adjoining cat room for additional cat visitation

* A small container of treats for the cats

* A variety of toys for playtime with our cats

* Music on the Alexa (or not - up to you!)

* Catio Cafe euro sticker

* One complimentary beverage per time slot

* Additional beverages are available for a $5 donation per drink.

(We do not offer snacks at this time)

Young at Heart's Catio Cafe opens June 1st! Limited reservations are now being accepted!


Just want the Catio Cafe gear to help support Young at Heart? No problem! Catio Cafe gear available here.

Catio Cafe

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