Salsa and Go-Go (now Coco) find their #HappilyEverAfter


Adopted and loved!! Salsa, age 10, who stole everyone's hearts when we posted a video of her snuggling with one of our wonderful volunteers, now has a new mom she can snuggle with 24/7. Salsa had a rough life prior to rescue, but now she is living the life every senior should have in their golden years and we are so happy for this sweet love bug. ❤️

Salsa Adopted

Adopted and Loved!! Go-Go (now Coco), age 12, is loved beyond words. Her new mom checked in recently with this update:

"Coco adjusted really well from the moment she walked in my house. It’s unbelievable but we liked each other from the moment we met. We could not be a better match. Thank you for helping me find Coco. Can’t imagine my life without her anymore." ❤️

 Coco Adopted

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