Shirley's Turning 13!


Guess who's about to be a teenager??? SHIRLEY!!! This sweet girl has a big birthday bash on her bucket list, and she deserves one! It's been six months since her inoperable liver cancer diagnosis, and she's living life to the fullest each day! So we're super excited to celebrate with our amazingly sweet little hippo girl! On Thursday, August 19th, we're celebrating Shirley's 13th birthday, and YOU can help her have the best birthday ever!

How can you help?

1. Send Shirley something off her Amazon Birthday Wishlist! (WOW! Thank you, everyone!) 

2. Send Shirley a birthday card! Send it to: Attn: Shirley, Young at Heart, 4301 S IL Route 47, Woodstock IL 60098

3. Make a donation in honor of Shirley's birthday to help care for her and all her senior friends here at Young at Heart! Use the button on the post or donate at this link.

Join us on our Facebook page as we celebrate Shirley all day long on Thursday, August 19th!

Shirley Turns 13

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