Thank You from Danny Boy


Our sweet Danny Boy is on his way home from the specialist. He's a little groggy but otherwise happy to be back in the car! The MRI showed that Danny had two areas of stroke deep in his brain that explain all of the symptoms he's been having. A small mass was also found on his spleen, which was aspirated and sent out to the lab. We're waiting on additional diagnostics to come back to see if there is a reason why he had the stroke. The good news is that we were worried he may have a brain tumor, and this is not the case!

We will do everything in our power now to keep Danny comfortable and happy. Danny Boy is currently on his way back to a big fluffy bed and a gourmet meal later this evening. A whole-hearted THANK YOU from all of us for your generosity to help pay Danny Boy's veterinary bill today. We are all so grateful, but most grateful of all is Danny Boy. Thank you!!

Danny Boy Border Collie

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