The Mutt Mosey is Back... with a Twist!


2020 was definitely a "ruff" year. We could all use a little fun! But with large in-person events still a little iffy, we needed to get creative for this year's Mutt Mosey fundraiser walk. We wanted something fun, something outside, and something that gives YOU a reason to be excited to help senior pets in need!

So this year's Mutt Mosey is a hybrid fundraiser walk! Help us from home however you choose, and raise $50 or more and we'll send you a shirt! Or go big - raise $500 or more - and you and up to three guests get a one-on-one Mutt Mosey Summer Vibes experience!

Registration is FREE! Raise $50 or more by August 1st and we'll send you a Mutt Mosey Shirt! Raise $500 or more by August 1st and you'll get a one-hour socially distanced outdoor experience at Young at Heart's beautiful eight-acre facility in Woodstock IL!

This unique Mutt Mosey experience includes:

-Walking trails or pool time with Young at Heart dogs

-A dedicated team member to answer all your questions and tell you about the dogs you meet and the history of Young at Heart

-Photo session at various picturesque spots

-Lemonade in the shade with the dogs in Peaches’ Meadow

-... and a micro-tour of the adoption center!

You and up to three friends also get a Mutt Mosey tote bag of goodies, including some special vouchers that can be redeemed only by visiting Woodstock's incredible Historic Square after your visit. So reward yourself for being a hero to senior pets and make a day of it!

Help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 to help homeless senior pets!

To learn more, start fundraising, make a donation, or order a shirt, go to this link.

Thank you for helping homeless senior pets get the chance to enjoy their golden years!

Mutt Mosey 2021

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