Wednesday and Oscar's Happily Ever After


We have many wonderful adoptions to catch you up on, and our first adoption story will warm your heart. You may remember a pair of doxies we rescued earlier this year named Oscar and Maggie. The pair was surrendered to a shelter when their guardian could no longer care for them. At 12 and 14 years old, we welcomed them with open arms, knowing we would most likely be catching up on some medical care. “Catching up” was an understatement.

Both dogs had a mouth full of infected teeth, so rotten that eating was painful for them, and you could smell the infection from across the room. Both were terribly sick with upper respiratory infections. Maggie also had some very worrisome masses. When they could finally have their dentals, every single one of their horribly rotten teeth had to be removed. Oscar was recovering quickly and was feeling so much better, but Maggie was a bit slower to recover and needed more TLC. So that’s when our Medical Director, Jen, took them home for their recovery.

Maggie’s biopsies came back - she had multiple types of cancer in multiple locations. There was no good treatment, only palliative care. Maggie was a hospice case for our Sanctuary program. Jen and her husband Erik decided to foster both dogs so that Maggie could be closely monitored. And also so she could be in a loving home, spoiled absolutely rotten for her remaining time on earth.

Maggie and Oscar spent the next few months together, being showered with love, snuggles, and kisses, and with everyone making sure that Maggie was comfortable. When it was obvious that Maggie’s time was running short, Jen and Erik made the decision that they would adopt both dogs so that Maggie could leave this earth being part of a family who loved her very much. They said goodbye to her the very next day.

Oscar was heartbroken, missing his lifelong friend. But then... a little rescued Pekingese named Wednesday came along who needed to have a painful eye removed. And because that is a surgical incision that needs to be watched carefully, Jen brought little Wednesday home to recover. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Oscar fell for Wednesday very quickly, and vice versa. They quickly found happiness and comfort in each others’ company. Their little tails wag wildly and with joy together. Though there were no plans to adopt Wednesday, it seems that Oscar and Wednesday had made the decision for everyone! How do you break up a friendship like this? You don’t. And because Jen and Erik love Wednesday, too, the decision was easy.

We are SO happy to announce that Jen and Erik and Oscar officially made Wednesday a part of their family, too! And we think Maggie should be very proud of her heavenly matchmaking skills! ❤️

Maggie and Oscar

Wednesday and Oscar

Wednesday and Oscar

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