Welcome, Bella!


Sweet 10-year-old Bella is a new arrival, rescued from a shelter that had confiscated her as part of a cruelty case. This sweet old girl is currently in our isolation area, as she has a raging skin infection from being infested with fleas and a double ear infection that appears to be chronic in nature. Her poor skin is raw in some parts from constantly scratching at herself.

But aren't dogs amazing creatures? Despite her discomfort and being in a strange new place, she is so incredibly happy to be surrounded with kindness and love. We are not currently accepting applications on her, as she is not available for adoption yet as we work on her medical needs and get her back to a place of health and comfort. But now she is safe, and loved, and oh so happy.

Welcome, Bella! Your next happy chapter begins! 

Bella Black Lab Rescued

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