Welcome February Newbies!


Today we welcomed SEVEN new seniors, thanks to all of the amazing people out there that believe that older souls deserve a second chance. ❤

Welcome Tink (age 16), Aristotle (age 11), Nova (age 9), Cypress (age 10), Georgia (age 7), Boyd (age 7), and Ingrid (age 11)! All of these sweethearts are brand new to Young at Heart, so we don't know much else about them except for that they're all very sweet! We won't be accepting applications or inquiries on them just yet so we have some time to get to know each of them better. In the meantime, they'll get all the veterinary care they need, lots of love and snuggles, and we'll figure out the best home for each of them so they can enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

A special thank you to our Constant Companion monthly donors that donate every month without fail, allowing us to say YES to more senior pets that need us, and help us provide the medical care they need prior to adoption. You make our job here so much easier, and we're so grateful! 

We'll keep you posted on these adorable newbies! Thank you for believing that senior pets deserve a second chance!❤

 Tink Cat for Adoption

Boyd Cat for Adoption

Cypress Dog for Adoption

Georgia Cat for Adoption

Ingrid Cat for Adoption

Nova Dog for Adoption

Aristotle Cat for Adoption


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