Welcome New Kitties!


Young at Heart had the purrfect Caturday! � Help us give a warm welcome to Angel, Dale, Meatball Jr., and August!

A BIG thank you is in order for both the Humane Society of St. Joseph County and Rescueber for all their coordination & dedication to get these sweet seniors to the adoption center on a holiday weekend. Rescue work never stops!

Angel, Dale, Meatball Jr., and August have arrived, so we are still strangers to one another. Our weekend Animal Care Team will do everything in their power to make sure each kitty feels welcomed, comfortable, and safe in their new (but temporary) environment. They will initially be isolated as they await vetting and treatments for those pesky upper respiratory infections, and after they’re in the clear, they will join our community Kitty Corners. You can be sure they’ve already won our hearts three times over, but we are so looking forward to getting to know these four and their unique kitty quirks. Angel, Dale, Meatball Jr., August... We are absolutely thrilled that you’re here. � � ❤️

As they are brand new to our organization, we are not accepting applications or inquiries on these sweeties just yet.

Cats pictured (from L ➡️ R): Angel (10), Dale (7), Meatball Jr. (9), and August (12)

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