Welcome Three New Senior Pets!


Join us in welcoming three more seniors to Young at Heart… say hello to Esmé, Petey, and Aryn! �

These darlings came to us from partner shelters where - like so many shelters right now - they are busting at the seams from an abundance of pets being surrendered by the public. This puts the seniors in tho�se shelters at high risk of euthanasia. Esmé and Petey are both only 9-years-old, and Aryn is 10 years old. They all have so much life left to live, so much more love to give and receive, and so many more stories to inspire.

It certainly takes a special village to save more sweet, senior souls, and we simply cannot do it without those of you who support our mission. �

No matter their past circumstances, Esmé, Petey, and Aryn now have a future to look forward to. With your help, we know it will be an incredibly bright future.

Welcome to the good life, Esmé, Petey, and Aryn! ❤️

Since they are brand new to us, we are currently NOT accepting applications or inquiries so that we can take care of any medical needs and so that we can get to know them better to find them the perfect families to spend their golden years with.

Esme Cat for Adoption
Petey Cat for Adoption
Aryn Dog for Adoption

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