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NEWBIE ALERT! We'd like to welcome the very handsome Tippy, a 13 year old Bernese Mountain Dog mix. And also Zena and Zeus, a bonded pair of chubby 13 year old pugs!

Tippy came to us due to his guardian passing away. He is a big handsome boy who is a bit lost and confused, and in desperate need of a good grooming. He is wary of pretty much everything right now, his whole world just turned upside down, but he is already learning we are all friends here. It is obvious that he misses his dad so much, but we are reassuring him that he is okay and he is loved.

Zena and Zeus also came to us from a situation where their guardian passed away. These two are chunky monkeys, and are settling in pretty nicely. They will only be placed together when they are ready for adoption, as they have been together their whole lives.

We are not accepting applications on these senior pups just yet, as we are just getting to know them and they all need a myriad of vet care - exams, bloodwork, dentals, and whatever else they may need - before they are ready to go. We are looking forward to them settling in and getting truly comfy with us so we can see their true personalities shine through. We're so grateful that we could give them the chance they deserve to enjoy their golden years!

Welcome to Young at Heart, Tippy, Zena, and Zeus!

Zena and Zeus Pugs for Adoption

Tippy Bernese Mountain Dog Mix for Adoption

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