Welcome to the Good Life, Macy and Shelby!


NEWBIE ALERT! Today we welcomed two very sweet adorable senior girls to Young at Heart! If you're like us and have a thing for older black dogs with grey muzzles, then these two sweethearts will steal your heart for sure!

Macy and Shelby's guardian passed away, and these two girls were in need of rescue. Our long-time friend, Carolyn, at Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue alerted us to this pair in need, and we worked together to get these two to the safety of Young at Heart. Carolyn even went out of her way to transport them to us, and we're so grateful they're here! Thank you again, Carolyn!

It is so obvious how beloved these two senior pups were in their previous life, as they are happy, love attention, and even have a bit of training. They love love love people, and their tails have not stopped wagging. Like many of our seniors when they first arrive, Macy and Shelby have some medical needs we will be addresseing shortly, but today will be a much-needed spa day!

Macy and Shelby are brand new to Young at Heart and we are just getting to know them, so we are not accepting inquiries or applications on this pair just yet. We are really looking forward to getting these two wigglebutts settled in and on the path to enjoying their golden years! Welcome Macy and Shelby!

Macy and Shelby

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