Welcome to the Good Life, Morty!


NEWBIE ALERT! Meet handsome 8-10-year-old lab mix, Morty! This sweet old guy wants nothing more than to flop into your lap and soak up all the love you’re willing to dish out. He absolutely smiles up at you the whole time he’s being loved on! We don’t know his back story except that he was a stray no one ever came looking for, and a partner shelter reached out to see if we could help him as his spirit and health was deteriorating in a kennel there. Because of your support, we could say YES! So Morty hopped on a transport with our friends at Rescueber for a ride to Young at Heart!

Morty has some pretty significant arthritis of his back end, so he’s on pain meds to help with his discomfort, and has a heated orthopedic bed to snuggle upon. Once he gets his full geriatric work up at the vet, we’ll get him whatever he needs to gain strength and comfort in his hind end. Some cold laser therapy and perhaps some hydrotherapy will be in his future. We’re not accepting inquiries or apps on him just yet, as we’re just enjoying getting to know him and what he needs. In the meantime, we’re so glad Morty is safe and sound with us now! He’s definitely decompressing and beginning to relax.


Welcome to Young at Heart, Morty! Good boy!

Morty Black Lab Mix for Adoption

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