Welcome to YAH, Morty!


Q: Who’s a good boy?!?
A: Morty!

Morty has settled in well since being rescued and is a good good boy. His blood work is fabulous, but the X-rays of his hips are absolutely horrific. Despite the pain and discomfort this sweet boy must feel, he is as loving and happy as they come. While we have him on good pain meds and will begin some water therapy to help, we’d really like to alleviate his pain for life if possible, especially since he’s a young senior at 8 years old. If the specialist agrees that there is something we can do surgically for his hips, Morty will become our next “project” dog as we give him whatever he needs to live his golden years pain-free. In the meantime, Morty will be with us for a bit as we work on his needs, so be prepared to be charmed here by his silly happy self! Good boy, Morty! ❤️� 

Morty Black Lab Mix

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