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This picture perfectly captures Henrietta’s angelic nature. Blind and deaf, we rescued her along with Gordon and Thomas from a situation where they and six other senior dogs were found after their elderly guardian had passed away. She was well loved in her previous life, and adores being snuggled. She’s the sweetest thing.

It was suspected that Henrietta had more going on medically than her bloodwork revealed, and after several visits to the vet, an ultrasound revealed a very large mass in her abdominal cavity. Biopsies sadly confirmed that Henrietta has a very aggressive cancer for which there is no humane treatment option. But that is not the end of her story - not here!

Being deaf and blind, we felt Henrietta would thrive in a loving home. And so she is now being cared for by one of our amazing Sanctuary families so that she can enjoy the rest of her days being loved on and spoiled rotten. She has settled in nicely, and is really enjoying having a whole yard to safely explore with her nose, her choice of cushy beds, and lots of snuggles with her Sanctuary parents, Sandy and Mike. Fun note: if you want to know just how big of a heart Sandy has, she is also our Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator! We’re so lucky to have her!

Young at Heart believes that Love Has No Age Limit™, and just because a dog or cat has some more complex medical issues, doesn't mean that they can't enjoy the twilight of their lives. Young at Heart's Sanctuary Program allows senior pets with end-of-life or complex medical issues to enjoy the love, comfort, and care they deserve. These dogs and cats receive all the medical support, love, and attention they need to enjoy the rest of their lives, often cared for by their Sanctuary Homes (permanent foster families), and financially supported by Young At Heart.

Our monthly donors, affectionately called our Constant Companions, are a big part of making this program possible, and we are so grateful! And even more grateful are the 20 senior pets who currently permanent residents of our Sanctuary program! If you would like to be a part of giving these very special seniors the care and comfort they deserve in the twilight of their life, we are always in need of additional Constant Companions! Read more about that program at this link.

Henrietta is currently comfortable, happy, and surrounded by love. This is what we want for every senior pet - a loving family for the rest of their lives. ❤️� 

Henrietta Blind Dog

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