Hi there! I'm Chloe and when I was first rescued by Young at Heart, I was diagnosed with kidney disease.  Young at Heart has done so much to help me fight this disease, even including stem cell treatment.  I need ongoing fluid therapy and supportive medication so Young at… Read More


Hi there! I'm Iggy, and I am the tiniest little trooper you've ever met! I arrived to Young at Heart in the summer of 2018, and I was just a mess. Not only did I have a mouth full of rotten teeth, I had stones filling my bladder and an enlarged heart with a really big murmur - and I caught a… Read More

Ziggy & Bowie

Bowie (black) and Ziggy (black & white) are a special pair of dogs that Young at Heart rescued. They were rescued from the city shelter after being surrendered there, and were completely shut down and terrified of absolutely everything and everyone. They acted like dogs that didn't see m… Read More


Shirley came to us a sweet meatball of goofiness with a lot of medical issues. When we rescued her, she had two wrecked knees, torn ACLs, and other medical issues that made her quite the little train wreck. We worked diligently to address each and every one of her medical needs, and by Chris… Read More


Sweet Noel was rescued after being found on the side of the road, lethargic and soaked to the bone in the freezing rain. We nursed her back to health and she absolutely blossomed. After being with us for several weeks, she began to have seizures, so we took her for a neuro exam. Unfortunatel… Read More


Hi there! I'm Loni, and I am an adorable chihuahua mix. I came to Young at Heart from an "open admission" shelter, where I was scheduled to be euthanized because I was "too scared". And really, I was very very scared. Of everything. People, my shadow, noises, you name it. I just wasn't scare… Read More


Nancy is a beautiful girl who was rescued from an overcrowded shelter where she was going to be euthanized due to her age. She came to Young at Heart instead, where we discovered she had a heart defect and chronic antibiotic-resistant skin and ear infections. We had her heart defect correcte… Read More


Hi there! I'm Gia, and snuggling and napping are my favorite past times! I love snoozing in a sunny window in a snuggly bed, getting gentle pets, and keeping you company. I am good with other quiet kitties like myself, and really good with cat friendly dogs. I became a sanctuary kitty after … Read More


Hi there! I’m Layla, I’m 12 years old, and I have the biggest brown eyes that’ll melt your heart with one glance. I came to Young at Heart in pretty rough shape, and with lots of help of Young at Heart's veterinarians, I am now able to live a comfortable and happy life! But… Read More

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