15 years

Hi there! I'm Iggy, and I am the tiniest little trooper you've ever met! I arrived to Young at Heart in the summer of 2018, and I was just a mess. Not only did I have a mouth full of rotten teeth, I had stones filling my bladder and an enlarged heart with a really big murmur - and I caught an upper respiratory infection at animal control, and it turned into pneumonia! Everything I needed to have done  to make me healthy was complicated by all my other issues! But with the help of some very talented veterinary specialists and a LOT of support from nice people like you, the rescue was able to get me through my pneumonia, get my heart murmur under control, my bad teeth removed, and my bladder stones removed. And now here I am, two years later, still thriving! I'm a little old man now, which is an age I never would have reached without all the veterinary care I received here at Young at Heart. Plus I'm loved beyond words by my amazing sanctuary family, who have loved me and cared for me this entire time, schlepping me to so many vet appointments over the years, while Young at Heart covered my medical bills. I'm truly a lucky boy to be able to enjoy my golden years!

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