Chihuahua Mix
10 years

Hi there! I'm Loni, and I am an adorable chihuahua mix. I came to Young at Heart from an "open admission" shelter, where I was scheduled to be euthanized because I was "too scared". And really, I was very very scared. Of everything. People, my shadow, noises, you name it. I just wasn't scared of other dogs. I'm so glad Young at Heart took a chance on me! I learned that people are kind, and that life really is good. I am actually a healthy Sanctuary Girl, but because of my fear of pretty much everything, and for how much time it took for me to just accept the few people in my life that I could, Young at Heart gave me the best gift ever - the gift of never having to leave the few people I trusted. I became a Sanctuary Pet for my mental well-being, and I continue to blossom and learn that I am safe, even after all of this time. I enjoy pushing around the bigger dogs in my home, and snuggling with my mom. I've even learned to snuggle with my dad. I'm learning still, every single day. Life is good. See? Old dogs can learn new tricks!

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